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Experience The Difference of Custom Design:





Most "custom design" landscape companies in Michigan are aware of what foliage is available currently and in stock at Michigan nurseries. They are aware of what hardscape materials and wood products are available in local stores.  They meet with clients, and forge a design based on whatever is presently and easily available, and their level of custom craftsmanship usually ends there. 

After observing industry trends and consumer demand, Owner Austin Moccia has taken a different approach to better serve our clients during our nearly 14 year history.

As a result, we focus our approach to each property as a unique project , one with individually unique aesthetic and functional goals --which deserves a unique design, not a re-usable template.


FOLIAGE: Using over a decade of experience in the industry, we conduct research with plant hybridizers each winter to determine what newly patented plants are available -- from growers anywhere in the nation. We continuously identify desired characteristics that consumers wish to see expressed in foliage (re-blooming, disease resistance, drought tolerance, cold tolerance, etc), and identify new hybrids that increasingly-better exemplify those characteristics when planted here in Michigan.

 Our company has forged relationships with importers that supply us with on-demand orders of newly-hybridized plants from seven different states across the continental United States as of 2018.

BUILDING MATERIALS: Our custom-design expertise is not limited to foliage. From installation of true pizza ovens hand-made in Sicily, Italy to custom-built patios, water features, and outdoor living areas, our expertise in fine craftsmanship includes knowledge of what we believe to be the best materials and brands in outdoor living based on over a decade of industry experience. 


What does this mean for our clients?  It means our company is equipped from design to installation to offer clients a truly custom-crafted design and build experience. From offering foliage with unique features that are otherwise unavailable in the state to some of the newest and most effective design materials for outdoor construction of water features, walls, and hardscapes, custom design shows in everything we do. .  As a result, we are able to offer our clients a plethora of custom-designed solutions to meet their needs that would otherwise not be available to them - and do so in a cost-effective manner.

How does our specialization in custom-design add VALUE to our residential, commercial, and industrial clients' landscapes? 

  •  Through using better foliage, we increase the value of the services we offer to clients. (See "Example" Below) 

  • We import in large enough quantities to offer specialty foliage at rates comparable to the less-desirable species they are intended to replace. 

  •  We have a redundancy of suppliers, meaning that we stand a better chance of offering consistent availability for our customers. 

  • We design in-house, and offer a 365 day complete warranty on the foliage we install. While we take a chance on the hybrids we offer, our clients do not have to. Our industry-leading warranty for 15-years-running offers real peace of mind. 

  •  Through constant research, we identify and import foliage that better displays the characteristics our clients want: longer bloom times, greater disease resistance, drought and cold tolerance, and controlled maintenance procedures. 


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